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Longlining Hauler

Mod. CJ-5


CJ-5 / M32




94 m/min


60 Kg Continuous
80 Kg Intermittent


5 L


6,5 kg

Made of stainless steel and black HDPE plastic.

Types of fishing

  • Bottom fishing: It performs the functions of a normal fishing rod reel, but
  • Trolling Line: For tuna or any fish that is fished with these modalities.

Once graduated, this reel works automatically and has the following functions:

  • Walk forward and backward.
  • Automatic uncoiler, if the shot is greater than the tare.

Naval Engineering

For the design and development of naval engineering projects, we collaborate with the naval engineering office Nautastur for the performance of the following services:

  • Preliminary Projects and Vessel Projects
  • Draft Surveys
  • Supervision, monitoring and control of exterior work
  • Dimensional, work progress and quality control
  • Development engineering
  • Plans and measurements
  • Inspection and supervision of the manufacture of ships and naval equipment

Naval machinery of own manufacture

Customized solutions!!
Manufacturing according to customer specifications

Longlining Hauler

Mod. 2HC100

Longlining Hauler

Mod. S-25

Line and Longlining Hauler

Mod. S-25C

Line and Longlining Hauler

Mod. MA-1

Line and Longlining Hauler

Mod. MA-1C

Line Hauler

Mod. CJ-5

Net Hauler

Mod. R-15R Rulín RCIC

Net Hauler

Mod. R-15 Rulín RCIR

Line Hauler

Mod. C-5I / Mod. C-5E


Mod. T-1.5


Mod. T-2.0


Mod. T-0.5

Fairlead and Winder

Mod. AMJ-6 / Mod. TC-D-2

Capstan Cabestan

Mod. CP-315 / CPG-315

  • Line Hauler
  • Longlining Hauler
  • line hauler of 3 by trawl and pot
  • Machinery for purse seiner fishing boats
  • Machinery for purse seiner cabirones fishing boats
  • Machinery minor arts Convertibles
  • Machinery Seafood and other uses
  • Gasoline Switchboard
  • Electric Switchboard
  • Winches
  • Bridge Windlasses
  • Clutch
  • Transmission sets
  • Propellers
  • Bilge and Washdown Pumps
  • hydraulic gear pumps
  • Electric extractor fans

Official Representations


Apart from the spare parts for the machines of our own manufacture, we supply spare parts for various brands of motors, reducers, water pumps, injection, etc…

The main brands with which we work with the following